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Answers to Your Questions

imgWho Was At the 2013 Summit...
Over 400 attendees, including CEOs from airlines such as JetBlue, Spirit, Air Azul, and executives from American, Delta, Air China, Korean, United, Japan Airlines, Air China, Hainan, Allegiant and more. Attendees were from over 18 countries, representing all areas of aviation.

What's Covered...
The emerging trends and dynamics that will face aviation are the focus. No canned speeches and sleep -inducing presentation decks - just hard data and business intelligence.

How's The Summit Superior?
The Summit explores new dynamics in aviation that will emerge in the future. It's an exploration event, and the array of discussion sessions with industry leaders is unmatched anywhere else.

What Types of Forecasts?
No opinions. We deliver hard projections of the trends that will affect airports, airlines, suppliers, financial institutions, and vendors in the coming years. No, not repetition of government data, but real-world information you can actually use.

Is This Like The FAA Forecast?
Not at all. The Summit is all about hard data, with none of the political shading and intervention that pervades the annual FAA forecast event. That's why we do not invite government bureaucrats. They can only deliver the party line. We deliver the facts.

But How Is The Summit Different?
You're a part of the Summit process. You have opportunities to directly interact with many of the CEO and senior-level decision-makers. Most discussion sessions provide time for attendee questions and answers. You don't get this level of exposure at any other event.

Pre-Summit Workshops?
If you can get to Las Vegas a bit early, we're again this year planning a number of exciting aviation-focused workshops for airports, suppliers, OEMs, and aviation planners. Details soon.

Can I Bring My Spouse?
Absolutely! It's Las Vegas, with plenty to do. Our spouse fee covers the evening social events.

Copies of Presentations?
In most cases, copies of presentations are available in pdf format subsequent to the Summit. In a few instances, presenters do not allow redistribution. In all cases, we strongly suggest taking notes. The Summit is a working event.

Networking Opportunities?
The social events represent enormous potential to widen your contacts in the industry - attendees are from all areas of aviation and from around the globe.

The 19th Annual International Aviation Forecast Summit

The Summit is not just another conference. It's the event that aviation leaders attend to get cutting-edge forecasts for the future - accurate and time-proven forecasts - not milquetoast, boring presentations or rambling opinions. Be prepared for the challenges โ€“ and opportunities โ€“ in aviation coming in the next two to ten years.

The Summit is where crucial data - traffic and trend forecasts, fleet projections, global strategic shifts in industry structure are all candidly discussed and presented. The Summit is the event that provides not only insight from key leaders, but also forecasts with a track record of accuracy of where aviation is headed. Traffic forecasts. Trend analyses. Fleet demand. And hard insight regarding issues that affect all areas of aviation - airports, airlines, financial, and suppliers. Business intelligence that helps you prepare for the changes in aviation.

An hour-by-hour agenda is under development, however, we are pleased to announce that CEO's and high level executives from the following airlines have committed to speak at this year's Summit: Southwest, United, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Spirit, JetBlue, Allegiant, Hawaiian, Virgin America, Azul, SkyWest, Japan Airlines, Korean, South African, Air Berlin, Air China, and many more to be announced in the coming weeks. This is in addition to discussions and forecasts with industry decision-makers from companies such as Airbus, Embraer, Mitsubishi, OPIS and key financial institutions.

Click here for a preliminary outline of the events at the 2014 Summit.

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