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This is the only aviation event that delivers the future - right from the industry leaders who are making it happen. The IAFS is unlike any other aviation event... it delivers information that gives attendees the competitive edge.

This is not just another conference. Instead, it's the one event that dares challenge ambient thinking and "the consensus."  Leaders never accept "consensus"- they challenge it.

That's the reason they clear their calendars to attend the International Aviation Forecast Summit.

This year, we're tacking a number of key changes taking place in aviation.

Latest: Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, American Airlines and Air New Zealand Participating!

Disruption: A Whole New Air Transportation System

There is no one airline system, anymore.

The US now actually has three basic airline systems... network/mainline, the ULCC parallel/impulse carriers, and secondary-niche carriers. Each one has different characteristics and strategies. These will have material effects on air access across the nation.

Disruption: New Forecast Metrics

Still think that air traffic levels are just the outcome of a bunch of economic factors, as is the basis of FAA forecasts?

Not so - today, there's almost no concrete connection between airport enplanements and traditional forecast metrics such as GDP and population.The past approaches to forecasting are the equivalent of tying to fix a computer with a monkey wrench.

Disruption: Oil Prices - Up & Down... But They Always Leave Changes On The Industry.

The recent spike in jet-A has now shifted how airlines view market missions and future fleet applications.

Just when we thought RJs might have more of a future, oil pops to $60 and above. Remember the recent projections of super long haul routes?  Think again... schlepping several thousands of extra gallons of fuel weight will change the equation. We'll be going into the future fallout of these changes.

Disruption: International Invasion of The Heartland

It was six years ago at the IAFS where it was first predicted that interior, non-hubsite airports would see trans-Atlantic access. How this will further evolve will be explored, including the changes in regional air access that these international flights will cause.

Disruption: Air Service Access - Most ASD Approaches Fit An Airline Industry That's Gone

The top priority for all communities should be keeping access from the global economy. But with consolidation of the airline industry and changes in operating economics, as well as changes in other communication channels, "air service" no longer means scheduled flights at many small community airports.

At the IAFS, we're  holding a special pre-Summit workshop - The New Paradigms of Air Transportation - on not only what this means, but the long-term opportunities that may actually represent. So, hold off on the "true market study" and join us to get new perspectives on keeping connected to the world.

Disruption: Consumers - They Aren't Robots

Air travel is all about time... and that sometimes means that the local airport can't compete, anymore. It's consumer patterns that are now the major driving force in where air service will grow.

We'll be covering how emerging consumer patterns - not wishful thinking and veneer "surveys" - will be an increasing determinant in how airline plan and operate.

Just For Starters...These are just a few of the disruptive dynamics that are taking place in our industry - and they will affect all sectors, from airports, to financial institutions, to aviation planning, and all down the line.

The International Aviation Forecast Summit will be exploring these cutting-edge issues... as we have often noted, if you're planning for the future, plan on being at the IAFS!

Fast Pace... Laser-Focus... Interactive Format... Result: New Perspectives of The Future

The pace is fast and intense - no rambling panels. The focus is on the future - exploring the emerging trends that will change all areas of aviation planning. The format is designed to delver information, perspectives and actual forecasts that relate to the emerging changes and opportunities. The result is a clear understanding of the new dynamics of the industry.

You'll hear from the executives at the top of the planning curve in aviation, and not only hear from them, but get insights based on free-form, incisive discussions that explore the evolving challenges and opportunities that are coming on line in next decade.

The IAFS covers new territory – we want to move our attendees into the future. That means that every session delivers business intelligence that represents new thinking and new direction.

Interactions With Industry Leaders - Plus Incisive Trend & Data Forecasts

The IAFS will again be hosting the top leaders in the industry – the ones whose vision will determine how air transportation and aviation evolve in the coming year. No fluff and no time wasted with ambient thinking.

Leaders... not bureaucrats. The IAFS covers territory other events shy away from. In fact, it’s a tradition that the IAFS does not have sessions with Washington bureaucrats. They are simply not invited. This is an event about the future, not the party line that can be found on government websites and other aviation events.

The fact is that everybody knows what the “official” positions are among the inhabitants inside the Beltway.For actionable data, information and forecasts, the Summit is galaxies beyond what’s coming out of Washington – as well as what’s found at other industry conferences.

Networking – Better Than Any Aviation Event

The only “party lines” you’ll find at the Summit are at the exciting social events, where networking is in full swing. Here’s just a snapshot from last year showing the range and depth of the Summit sessions. We don’t accept ambient thinking, and our discussion sessions with industry thought-leaders are free form and incisive.

And This Was Just Part of The First Day of Sessions!

The IAFS is also a venue where airlines, aircraft manufacturers often make major announcements. In 2017, Southwest chose the event to announce its new major expansion in California. It was at our 2011 event in Albuquerque, Embraer first announced the next generation of the E-170/190 platform.

Forecasts That Deliver The Cutting-Edge In Aviation Planning

Plus, when we say "forecasts" - that's exactly what the Summit delivers... In addition to the trend forecasts delivered by industry trend-makers, the Summit has fleet forecasts from BGI, as well as from all major aircraft manufacturers. And, as always, there is the BGI Airports:USA enplanement and trend forecasts, and the exclusive Airports:China presentation, outlining what can be expected in the fastest global aviation growth market.


Pre-Summit Workshops

On Sunday afternoon, August 19, there is a series of optional Workshops covering hot-button issues... these actually represent more data and information than any other aviation conference in its entirety! Click on the tab above for more information.

What Leaders In Aviation Tell Us About The IAFS…

I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege to speak at the IAFS on several occasions, and I enjoyed the experience immensely each time.  It’s a rich experience and a top-notch Summit for any and all who attend. I’d like to congratulate Mike, Marian, and all of our friends at the BoydGroup on their 20th anniversary.  It’s a remarkable achievement, and I wish them nothing but the best and clear skies ahead for another 20 years.  – Gary Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines

The agenda and format of the Aviation Summit provide the opportunity for casual but meaningful interaction and dialogue with industry peers and airline representatives Bobby Spann, Vice President – External Affairs, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

At every Summit I’m always amazed at how much current, real-world information I receive about the industry that I am able to pass on to my students.  It is truly a unique and invaluable resource for me.Nicholas Manderfield, Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Boyd Group does an amazing job.  We consider the conference one of the best educational venues that exists, not to mention the opportunities to connect with airline executives!. Lawrence Krauter, Chief Executive Officer, Spokane Airports.


The Summit Format – Fast Moving & Incisive

No droning death-by-slidedeck sessions.No indecisive opinion panels. Just hard exploration - typically on a one-to-one free-form interview format - with a line-up of executives unmatched at any other event.

It's what makes the IAFS different from other events in that it is focused on discussions and interaction with the CEOs and senior executives from across the industry – the people who are shaping ht future. Nothing is scripted and there’s no political correctness allowed in the room.

Venue: Right In The Heart of Denver!

The venue for this year is the Hyatt Regency – which is next to all of the great attractions of Denver. We are planning to offer very special rates for IAFS attendees. The hotel is right next to the Denver Convention Center and on the Denver light rail system, too.

Standby, and we’re working with our partners on some very exciting social activities, including great opportunities to explore Colorado, too!

Register Now – New Year Rate!

You can register right now at a special early New Year Rate, by clicking here.  In the meantime, check off your calendar for August 19-21 – and maybe a couple days beyond, to take the opportunity of visiting the rest of our exciting state. As a matter of fact, we’re working with a number of Colorado venues right now to develop exciting side-trips.

The Seven Top Airport Trends, 2018-2027

Take a look at the highlights of the Airports:USA forecast to be presented at the IAFS,,,

Forecast predictions that other events don’t even get close to, Click here to take a look at the future!

Exciting Agenda!

No other event draws together the depth of aviation expertise as does the IAFS.   The agenda is one that delivers information in a fast-moving interactive format. Plus, exciting networking and social events. Click here to get a look at what the IAFS delivers.

Aviation Leaders At The IAFS

Getting The Future From The Leaders Who Will Shape It. No other event brings together anywhere near the global expertise found at the IAFS!

Take a look: Currently confirmed are:

Scott Kirby, President, United Airlines; Bob Fornaro, CEO Spirit Airlines; Barry Biffle, CEO, Frontier Airlines; Jude Bricker, CEO Sun Country Airlines; Duncan Bureau, President, Air Canada Rouge; Andrew Watterson, Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer at Southwest Airlines; Joe Esposito, SVP Network Planning, Delta Air Lines; Kurt Stache, SVP Marketing at American Airlines; Trent Porter, SVP Finance, Allegiant Travel Company; Dennis Cary, SVP Commercial and Network Planning, CopaThomas Dionisius, Director of Sales & Business Development, Lufthansa; Oliver Wagner, CCO, Eurowings; Steve Smith, Vice President Global Sales, Japan Airlines; Dr. Zhihang Chi, VP & General Manager North America, Air China; Sean Luktenhouse, Director of Sales US, Air New Zealand; Peter Cerda, RVP the Americas, IATA; Ben Brockwell, Director, Oil Price Information Services; Blake Scholl, CEO, Boom Supersonic; Simon Pickup, Marketing Operations Director, Airbus; Jim Freitas, Managing Director Product Marketing, Boeing; Victor Vieira dos Santos, Head of Market Strategy, Embraer;  Jerome Cheung, Director Commercial Strategy, Bombardier And these are just for starters!


Boom Supersonic invites all confirmed IAFS attendees, speakers and sponsors to an exclusive, private event at the new headquarters, Saturday, 8/18 at 7PM ... Read More

2018 Sunday Workshop Program

Our Workshop Program this year will begin on Sunday Afternoon 8/19 . We already have a number of exciting workshops lined up click here for more information ... Read More